Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tumbler without a ruler- An almost tutorial

My sewing machine needed a mat and I wanted to make a tumbler pattern. I didn't have the ruler and no way I could afford one. Made a little research and found the easier way to do it. I Used a card from a charm pack. It's strong and it has the right size
 Mark an inch from each top and cut the card

Place the card on top of your fabric square and cut it using your rotary. you can cut two or three squares at a time if you fell comfortable.

       Position your pieces and sew them together

They will look like this

Cut as many as you think you'll need and sew them into rows

Join all the finished rows together and you will get this

I quilted mine sewing straight lines in both sides of the seams. you can quilt it the way you prefer

I added another rows and made four little pockets, they're great to keep my cutter, scissors and other stuff

 Et....Voilá! My sewing machine has a new tumbler mat. I love it. Next time I think I'll try something bigger.


Fiona said...

So often we can make do without buying a gadget... I love that you used something already available and the mat is just perfect....

Ellen said...

So clever! I love that it helps organize you with the pockets, and that you figured out how to do it without having to buy one more thing.

Angie said...

I agree with Fiona and Ellen, this is just so cute and clever! I want to make one. I love the pockets on it. :D Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

sunny said...

How cool is that? I love the pockets.

Melody said...

Very clever and a great tutorial too.

Celia said...

Don't they say that necessity is the mother of all inventions ? Looks great.

Josie McRazie said...

Who needs a stink specialty ruler! LOL you know our Mothers (or Grandmothers) used to make their templates out of cardboard and they didn't need specialty rulers!! You did a great job!!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Wonderful Teresa, I love your sewing mat and you are so clever making it up yourself, the pockets are a great idea too!