Friday, 27 September 2013

I'm slowly coming back

Here are some of my last projects.
 This is a needle case. It was a kit that my friend Celia offered me when she came to Portugal last Summer.
It's all wool and I loved making it. The button was also an old gift from her, I was keeping  it to use in a special project and this couldn't be a better occasion.

My September swap blocks are also ready. This time I was asked to make Log Cabin blocks ( one of my favorites ). My partner requested green and blue ones

Finally I've been working a little on my Kim Diehl's project

Well two projects actually as I mixed two of her patterns into one project only ( I seem to be doing that a lot, in my sewing and in my kitchen too).

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A little last.

This Summer has been a hot one and during my vacations I didn't sew anything. It was like my mojo went on holiday too.
This week I finally got something done,

I worked a little on the  Kim Diehl's block. I've done mostly hand sewing for my sewing corner seems like a hot oven these days and it's impossible to sew there. In my living room I turn the air conditioning and I'm able to work for a while.

I've also started a little wool needle case. It's a kit from Quilted Crow Girls Designs that was offered to me by my friend Celia when she came to Portugal last month.