Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Finish and I think I have a fever...

No, I'm not sick, just a little hay fever but that's not the kind of fever I mean. It's the granny squares fever.
All over blogland I've seen beautiful blocks and quilts using granny squares. Why not try one myself. Today I did it
 I cut the squares from some leftover fabrics ( It's a good scrappy project)
 I used set in triangles instead of squares that had to bet cut afterwards, I save fabric this way.

 And here it is, my first granny square, I sense more coming this way ( The Fever!!!).
If you want to join the fun, just go HERE.

I also finished the biding on the "Hexie" table runner. Instead of hand sewing I used a decorative stich and sewed everything by machine. It's faster but nevertheless beautiful.

Here's a close up of the stitching, I don't know if it's very clear 

My hand quilting

The quilting on the back


Richard Healey said...

I love your finish. I have wanted to do a Hexie quilt but not sure If I am up to the hand pieced stuff. Yours are great I can machine sew that. Love it. And yes the granny fever is hard to resist after 40+ blocks I am officaly done with it. While making squares but need to sew my 2 lap quilts together. Yours look great smart idea to save the cutting by doing triangles I have a million litte white triangles I am going to sew them into a blob and make weird blocks of them to add to the heart strings I made.

sunny said...

Love your hexie quilt. Your quilting is beautiful!

Celia said...

Now I know what you mean by 'granny squares', its a great block. Should try it. YOu quilting is really lovely and the table runner turned out great including the way you did the binding.

Josie McRazie said...

your hand quilting is wonderful!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your Granny Square - great color combination. And I'm jealous of your hand stitching. I can't do much hand quilting any more because of arthritis and even when I do my stitches are even but definitely not small! blessings, marlene

Jennie said...

Your first granny square is darling! Here's to many more just like it!

Anonymous said...

Seen something similar in one of mums jelly roll books. She is the quilt addict in the family lol and the reason why I only dabble in it LOL. I love how you have done the binding as I hate stitching it down. Did you put the binding on backwards so that you could fold and sew from the front? Would love to know how you did it.