Sunday, 31 July 2011

Estou de volta! - I'm Back from vacations!!!

Estou de volta de umas pequenas férias em Altura, no Algarve. Foi só uma semaninha mas deu para carregar as baterias para mais um ano de trabalho que se aproxima a passos largos. Deu para descansar e dar uns belos mergulhos na água límpida e morna da piscina. Entretanto fiz anos - já cá cantam 46 - e também se cumpriram 21 anos de um casamento maravilhoso. Como vêem, foi só uma semana mas repleta de acontecimentos.

I'm back from a little vacation in the algarve, in the south of Portugal. It was only a week but it was enough to rest and get ready for another year of hard work. I love swimming in the clear and warm water of the pool.I  just love to swim ( I think I must have been a fish in other life). In the mean time I celebrated my birthday on July 27th, I'm 46 years old now. The next day was my 21st anniversary, I have the most wonderful husband and we've been very happy and blessed with two great "kids". It was only a week but as you see it was a full one. 

Me, swimming in the pool

On the roller coaster at AQUA SHOW

My DD and DS

My DH and DD

My son, reading ( which is almost a miracle).

Mas não pensem que fiquei só sem fazer nada. A minha caixinha de hexágonos foi comigo e fiz umas quantas flores.

Don't you think I forgot my sewing. Oh no, my sewing box followed me and I did a couple of hexies . My garden is really growing!
OHPS!!! I forgot this one..

Sunday, 24 July 2011

I've joined FWQA

First I saw all those beautiful blocks that were being made, then I couldn't resist and bought the book. I tried  making a couple of blocks and I loved it. The templates are great and the instructions very clear and easy to follow. So....Why not join the quilt along? And so I did. Amanda and Angela are hosting this quilt along. Join in too, just go HERE.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

My FNSI Report

Last night was a very productive one. I manage to sew together the last three rows of my newest quilt top....The last isn't quite right there's one missing but I ran out of the solid fabric. Luckily I've already ordered some more. Nevertheless I'm happy with the result.

I used part of two Luna Notte charm packs and an Antique fair layer cake. I still had to use a couple of 10" squares from Buttercup but it blended quite well...I think.

These are the three rows I did last night

Now I have to sew the rows together but I like the way it looks on my bed. It's a very simple design but I love squares.

Friday, 22 July 2011

It's FNSI day!!!

It's time for another FNSI. Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi We can enjoy a night of sewing "together" all over blogland. I just love it.
Tonight I'll try to finish the rows of the quilt I started last week. We'll see if there's time for anything else. See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

One Flower Wednesday

As I promised last week here are all the flowers I've completed so far. They're 26!!!

I think it's becoming a nice garden.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I tried really hard but...

I tried to resist but I finally gave it up. Seeing all those quilters all over blogland showing their FWSQ
 blocks everyday was to much to me. I gave it up and ordered myself the FWSQ book.

It arrived today and it's all MINE. I'm loving it ! I had bought some civil war FQs I recently and I immediately tried to make a block so...I made block #1.

 The image is a little crocked but I didn't iron the block yet. Now I have to wait for some more Civil War FQs I bought from Ebay and then I can do more of these lovely blocks. Meanwhile I'm reading the letters from the book.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

I think I've been "Hexified"

Since I joined Karen's One Flower Wednesday I can't stop making hexagons. I've been Hexified!

To keep all my hexie stuff I got a nice looking box and bought a couple of paper hexagons. I think this Summer is going to be very productive.

And this garden doesn't even need watering. Isn't that cool?!!!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Birdie Stitches-July's block is done!

Forgive me the poor quality of the photos. I don't know what's happened to my camera (good excuse)!!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

One Flower Wednesday

My garden is growing. I think I've made about twenty flowers now. I'll show them all next week. For now here is my weeks work.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Patchsolidario 2011

     O Patchsolidário reúne todas as pessoas que gostam de patchwork e que ao mesmo tempo estão disponíveis para prestar apoio a quem dele necessita.
     Este ano a Patchsolidário irá fazer mantinhas de bebé para dar ao novo berçário da creche de Paço d'Arcos da AJUDA DE MÃE.
     Todos podem colaborar, é só ir aqui e encontrará todas as informações necessárias para participar.

Eu já fiz os blocos que vou enviar: Fiz dois para menino e dois para menina

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Tapete para a máquina de costura e um alfineteiro que afia alfinetes- New sewing mat for my sewing machine and an engenious pincushion

Hoje dei uma arrumação e uma limpeza no meu pequeno espaço de costura e decidi fazer um tapete para colocar debaixo da máquina de costura. Usei umas peças "abandonadas" e no instante o problema estava resolvido!

This sunday was dedicated to my tiny sewing room. I did a bit of cleaning and a re-organized some of the fabrics.

Then I decided I needed a mat to put underneath my sewing machine, so I took some orphan blocks and in a whisker the mat was ready. Problem solved!

Este é um alfineteiro que tem dentro dois tipos de enchimento: O dito normal e um daqueles esfregões de aço inoxidável que usamos na cozinha. Pois é esse segundo enchimento que vai servir para manter os nossos alfinetes bem afiados ( vamos a ver se é mesmo assim) !

Though it looks like a regular pincushion, this one is a little different . Inside, besides the usual stuffing I also put a stainless steel scrub that we usually use in our kitchens. Is this scrub that is supposed to keep the pins sharp. We'll see if it works. At least I've tried!