Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I tried really hard but...

I tried to resist but I finally gave it up. Seeing all those quilters all over blogland showing their FWSQ
 blocks everyday was to much to me. I gave it up and ordered myself the FWSQ book.

It arrived today and it's all MINE. I'm loving it ! I had bought some civil war FQs I recently and I immediately tried to make a block so...I made block #1.

 The image is a little crocked but I didn't iron the block yet. Now I have to wait for some more Civil War FQs I bought from Ebay and then I can do more of these lovely blocks. Meanwhile I'm reading the letters from the book.


Celia said...

That's great Teresa, I've looked through that book and nearly purchased it... I have the same red and blue fabric in my stash..

Melody said...

So glad you are doing this project too. I've only made two blocks so far so we are beginning together.