Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fighting with circles

This past few weeks I've been hand sewing. Since i first tried needle turn applique I got hooked on it and I have been sewing a little bit every night while watching T.V.
 My first attempt is finished. I will probably use it in a pillow.

Presently I'm using a pattern from Kim Diehl. It's called " Country Whig Rose", this first part went smoothly but when I got into the small circles... it got tough.
 I sewed the first eight circles but they got pointy and looked like smashed grapes. I had to unpick the whole thing and start all over again
Well, my circles aren't perfect yet but I think I can accept these ones. Hopefully  time will teach me and the next block will be even better.


My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Wow, Teresa, the needle turn applique is just amazing! And the circles look great to me. Well done. :)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your blocks look beautiful Teresa, you are doing so well with your needle turn. I found this way to do the circles which helped me:
Hope it helps you!

Sheila said...

I think your applique is lovely Teresa and such pretty colors , don't beat yourself up those circles are great!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh such beautiful blocks. You have done such a wonderful job.
Hugs xx

Kathy said...

Your circles look great - and so does the rest of the applique :) This is going to be wonderful finished.

Deb R said...

This looks gorgeous, I love needleturn, keep going. Try and find Sarah Fielkes Needleturn DVD. She has lots of great tips for circles etc!