Friday, 1 June 2012

Pay it Foward from Cheryll

In the end of last year I entered my first Pay it forward. I have three recipients and I'm going to receive handmade goodies from other three quilters until the end of 2012. When? It's a surprise!
One of the surprises just happened this week. Last Wednesday the mail man bright me a fat envelope from Australia. It was from my dear friend Cheryll. It was my first Pay it Forward gift!!!

       She also sent me a sweet little card
 My hand made gift was a wonderful 12" block keeper. I love it!!!

 Look at the perfect blanket stitch around the letters, mine always seem crooked
I don't know if she guessed or if she read in one of my old post but Yellow is my favorite color, I absolutely adore the inside and my QBSA blocks are already being kept in there. I really needed one of these but I could never make one as beautiful as this.


Cheryll said...

You are more than WeLComE Teresa!
I'm just spreading some LoVE ! :)

sunny said...

how cool is that??? A very lovely gift indeed.

Josie McRazie said...

Teresa, you are also on my PIF list and I thought you sent me your address, but I'm not sure if my e-mail ate it or I missplaced it in something! If you would send it that would be great! Just so i have it when I am ready!
That block keeper is very cool! I need me one, too! :)

Charlie and Wendy said...

Love your block keeper, what a great idea!

Susan said...

Block keeper. What a wonderful gift! You are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

wonderful PIF gift.xx