Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

Blackie is my nine month old mini Scnauzer. He came to live with our family just seven months ago but he is a family member now.

I know he is not a real baby but we decided he needed his own quilt. In the winter he had a fleece blanket. it was very warm and soft and he loved it but now the Spring days are getting warmer and the blanket is too hot for him.

 I began Blakie's Quilt on Tuesday . The top is almost done, I only have to make some applique puppys to put on the light squares, as well as his name.

I think he's gonna love it!

Today I'm also linking uu with Lee at Freshly Pieced and see more Works In Progress.


Josie McRazie said...

I just made my little dog a puppy pillow the other day because every time I got off of my sewin stool he would steal it! He loves his pillow!

Fiona said...

Blackie is so lucky to be getting such a wonderful quilt.... I better not show Tarka... she will get very jealous!!

Melody said...

Blackie and his quilt are gorgeous. He is a very lucky little doggie to live with you.


Oh wow, a what a cute blanket for the pup--and the pup is so cute and yes he is a family member--so he does deserve all your hard work!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Celia said...

what a lucky doggie... the quilt looks great.

Taryn said...

Your dog is *so* cute! I love the little quilt you made him and I can't wait to see the applique puppies!