Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Sunday's work

Today was a lovely Winter morning, cold but sunny and not a cloud in the blue sky. I got to make all my chores before lunch and in the afternoon I sneaked into my sewing space. The sun shined through the windows and it was warm and cozy with lots if light.

I sewed away until got dark, when I'm sewing my mind flews away from all those bad thoughts about the facts of life. It's like I enter another dimension.
O.K. enough of small talk. Let me show you what I did...

I finished something that is going to be a gift for a dear friend, so I can't show you much or I'd spoil the surprise. I still have to do the quilting and  the biding. I think I might hand quilt it.

 I began this block from Annie Downs book Some Kind of Wonderful. I'm not doing the sew along but I intend to make many blocks and other projects. I love that book.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful. Your Some Kind of Wonderful block is adorable.

Celia said...

Love those winter days and what better way to spend your time than sewing! Love your projects.

manuela said...

Que lindos trabalhos! Este Inverno tem sido tão frio que o que apetece mesmo é estar na máquina de costura.