Wednesday, 25 January 2012

In tougher times we know the true friends

A couple of weeks ago I commented with a blogger friend that I was going through difficult times and I couldn't buy fabric for my quilting. She immediately and most generously volunteered herself to send me some of her fabrics. And today I received  the most wonderful present

   Sue Belleli is an Australian quilter that I've only "met" through  Quilt Blocks Swap Australia, a swap group she founded. She is a wonderful person with a great heart. Even though she never met me, and probably never will, Australia and Portugal are so far away, she didn't hesitated and came to the rescue.
I received a real rainbow of wonderful fabrics. I will treasure them as if they were gold for they represent one of the most important things in life: FRIENDSHIP. I can never thank you enough for your king gesture. You always be in my heart, Sue. Thank you very much!!!


Last Friday I entered FNSI and began a rose star, It's English paper piecing and I finished my first one today


Fiona said...

what a lovely gift from Sue... enjoy and pretty rose star you have made...

Melody said...

Sue is such a wonderful person. Happy sewing.

rosie said...

What a very special thing for Sue to do..
I have loved catching up with all your posts Teresa..

sunny said...

what an awesome friend! and an awesome flower, too.

Maria said...

Taht was such a thoughful gesture os Dear Sue. Enjoy your fabrics.
Great block.

KaHolly said...

You are very blessed to have a friend like that. I know what you mean! If it wasn't for scraps, I couldn't afford to quilt, either. Thank goodness that scrap quilting is my passion, huh?? I love your new block. It's beautiful!

manuela said...

Que sorte e que bela amiga. Agora podes continuar a trabalhar!

Charlie and Wendy said...

What a lovely gift for you! Your rose star is beautiful Teresa. Lovely photos of your family in the last post too.