Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dear, I shrunk the blocks!!!

As you probably know I joined FWQA a couple of weeks ago.
I bought the book and immediately started making the blocks using the templates from the CD. It was boring and rather expensive as each template came in a separate sheet of paper. After visiting some blogs I found a link generously shared by LizQuilts on Flickr. All the templates are condensed in only 15 pages and of course i printed them at once.
The next day I cut some templates and made block #14- "Butterfly at the crossroads". Everything went smoothly but then...I realized that this block was bigger than all the others. OH MY GOD!!! WHAT HAPPENED???

I searched on the Flickr group and quickly discovered that I printed the templates from the CD at the wrong scale. My blocks were 1/2" shorter. Now what?
Well I have to start from scratch. And the small blocks?
When life gives you make lemonade. I turned 16 blocks into a table runner for my new cupboard. I love it!

After all I didn't waste any fabric ( I had a lot of fun doing the blocks, anyway) and I got a new table runner. Now, back to work to see if i can catch up on FWQA.

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WoolenSails said...

I am always making mistakes and that is the best way to safe them, make them into something new. Beautiful piece.


Barb said...

Oh...your table runner is just wondeful....great way to save the blocks!!