Sunday, 1 May 2011

I just HATE IT!!!

I love to choose the fabrics for a quilt , decide on the the pattern, cut and piece all blocks. However I Hate basting and pinning, it takes me ages to do it and it never seems to get well enough. But  there's no one to do it for me so... It's basted, pinned and ready to quilt!
What is the task you most dislike when you're doing a quilt?

I'm still not sure how I should quilt it. I thought of flowers inside the circles and meandering on the crosses. What do you think? If you have suggestions they will be happily received.


LaDonna and Diana said...

I think I would agree with you...basting is not the most fun part of quilting! There are different methods out there for basting, but I tend to stay with my tried and true pin basting!

I like your idea of flowers on the circles. An overall meander on the squares and rectangles works for me, and I think even straight line stitching narrowly spaced would look nice too. This quilt is so cute!


Sylvia said...

Gorgeous quilt. I think the flowers would look lovely.

Celia said...

YOur quilt is delightful !! WHat I have done in the past is stick the backing fabric down on a table with tape, put down the batting and then the top and bulldog clip the edges. One you have a firm top, then you can get a couple of people to help you with pinning. No skills required. Even if they only put the pins without closing them, its a lot quicker for you to doit on your own.