Sunday, 9 March 2014

My latest little sewing projects

I've been away for many reasons. My daughter's departure really depressed me and I didn't want to do anything, not even sewing, that I love so much.
Two months have gone by, she came here and made me a surprise and slowly I'm coming back.
Firstly I made some monogram identifiers for their rooms ( my daughter and her friends).

Then I made my February swap blocks

And last but not least, a very generous friend, Linda Ruskauff, who is the owner of a great on line store , The Stitch Sanctuary read my post about my daughter leaving to London and she immediately knew how I felt for her daughter is studying very far from home too. To make me feel better she sent me some wonderful fabrics and a beautiful panel. I've already cut and sewn some of the birds, it's going to look great when it's finished. Thank you so much Linda. If you have the time don't forget to visit her store, you won't regret it ( maybe your wallet will ).

There are some more birds to cut and sew and then I have to write or stitch the name on each wing.
It's not much but this is definitely a start.


Sheila said...

Nice to see you post , I can understand why you felt depressed , it is not easy to have our children leave home . Lovely gifts from your friend .

Charlie and Wendy said...

Nice to see a post by you, I hope you are feeling happier! Your birds and tree panel look lovely. Hugs Wendy

Suze said...

I hope the blues are lifting from your life. I see my daughter maybe once a year. She lives 12 hours by car and I just cannot drive it alone any more due to health issues. I sometimes get invited once a year when she and her husband need a grandma visit so they can go on vacation. The other grandmother lives in town and needs a rest. She's a teacher and busy with two little ones and her FIL just died in December, so her MIL is demanding more attention. So, even correspondence is minimal. It is very, very difficult. I lost my husband 11 months ago and I wish she were closer to me so we could do things together. I guess it's part of letting her have her own wings and sitting back and watching her soar mightily.