Friday, 5 April 2013

New pot holders in my kitchen

Last week my daughter was helping me in the kitchen when she noticed the very poor condition of my pot holders. They were old, the fabrics were faded and some had little burnt marks.    
My daughter said to me : - Mom, you are always sewing so lovely things to give away to our friends but you haven't made some new pot holders for our kitchen yet!                                                                   
She couldn't be more right! So I went to my sewing corner and looked for the orphan and rejected blocks box. I have a box where I keep blocks that I make to try new techniques and some that aren't the right size. This is what I made with them...
    Two leaf shaped pot holders

And two more, using some undersized 6 inch blocks

My kitchen looks better now!


Cheryll said...

These are lovely Teresa. What a wonderful way to use up left over blocks. Great job! :)

sunny said...

Very nice! I love the leaf shape, and I love the colors in the square patches. And they were 'free'!!

Hilachas said...

Your potholders are lovely and you've given me a great idea for using orphan blocks. My potholders are in terrible shape too but I'll soon have some new ones, thanks to your idea.

Maria said...

Fabulous pot holders and what a great idea for orphan blocks.

Fiona said...

Those are great...we so often seem to make for others and forget ourselves... haha.... great use of left over blocks..