Sunday, 6 May 2012

Small projects

This week was almost entirely dedicated to small sewing projects.
First I made a little sewing set. I found the tutorial on a blog ( which name I can't remember) and it's really easy to make

It's small enough to take in our bag when we have to travel. Great for EPP.

Women love pouches and so do I.

A scrappy boxy pouch
 And then I had to make a pincushion. I just love them
Last but not least a Cat pouch. I made it to give it to a cal lover friend of mine. I sill have to sew the eyes and stitch the wiskers.


Fiona said...

Those are all lovely little projects...

Cheryll said...

All your projects are wonderful finishes Teresa! LoVe the cat shaped purse... and so will your friend!
Well done :)

Maria said...

What great useful projects you have been working on..
The cat is my favorite.

marcella said...

Love all your different pouches. They are great!

Shirley said...

Hi Teresa,
You always have really lovely projects going on. The cat is just too cute!

Michelle said...

That cat pouch is cute!

Celia Gibson said...

The table runner looks a lot better ! Love your several small sewing projects, really cute cat pouch !

Charlie and Wendy said...

All your projects are lovely, you have got such a lot done!