Friday, 16 December 2011

Santa Sack Swap- It's time to open my presents!!!

A couple of months ago I entered a swap hosted by the lovely Cheryll at Gonne Stitchin. Yesterday was the day to open our presents sack was full

I received those presents from a portuguese friend, Manuela Branco, that I had the pleasure to meet last October

 See, they are so many, I can't wait to open them but...
I'm going to twist the rules a little bit ( I hope you don't mind Cheryll). Instead of opening all of them at once I decided to open only two today

I randomly chose these.... and 
Look what I received 

    A pair of gloves without fingers , they are perfect to sew on the cold winter nights, they are soo soft and so beautiful. I'm a lucky girl

Manuela also sent me this lovely pincushion ( I collect pincushions).

I'm so happy right now. The other presents are tucked away until christmas Eve. I will only open the rest on the 24th. Forgive me, I promise I will post about it then. Thank you very much Manuela for such great presents and thank you Cheryll for hosting this fabulous swap and for inviting me in.


Fiona said...

those are lovely..... what a great idea doing two a day... spreads out the fun!

Michelle May said...

Oh how fun! That sure is one giant sack full of goodies!
I love the handwarmers. I was just telling David last night that I need to find a pair of those. My hands are always so cold.
Can't wait to see the rest of your pressies!

Charlie and Wendy said...

You have amazing self control to save all those pressies! Your sack and the gifts are gorgeous, I love the pincushion.

Maria said...

AH!! Like you I am also bending the rules. I am opening my christmas Day.
What lovely gifts you have opened so far. Enjoy the rest on Christmas Eve.

manuela said...

Fico muito contente que tenhas gostado destes presentes...espero que tb fiques contente com os outros.
Ainda bem que a luvas te servem pois sem a medida da tua mão fiz pela minha e tinha algum receio que não servissem.