Saturday, 26 November 2011

Farmer's wife blocks update

I've sent my Fw blocks to my friend Celia and I've received hers, so now I can show you the one I made and the ones I've received.

These are the blocks I've made

 I love the colors she chose, the blocks blend perfectly with mine and I think the quilts are going to look very nice. The idea of swapping blocks was really fantastic. Both of us will have a quilt with a lot more fabrics, and all very beautiful.

As always, Celia sent me some goodies. She is most generous ( She's Portuguese!!! )

A beautiful card, some patterns, two Australian themed panels  , a pincushion and two ceramic buttons.

 I love the buttons and the pincushion will be added to my collection as soon as I stuff it.


Melody said...

Gorgeous work, as always.

rosie said...

I love that you two are swapping your blocks.... such a lovely idea..

manuela said...

Que sorte! Recebeste coisa lindas.

Charlie and Wendy said...

All your blocks are lovely and the fabrics are beautiful, the colours all work so well together.