Sunday, 11 September 2011

New addition to our family and How does your garden grow

Last week our family got bigger...No,no, I'm not pregnant. Blackie arrived last wednesday and my DS and DD are in love with him. you would be too. He is s mini schauzer and he's only two and a half months old.

He loves cuddling

My son just adores him

Isn't he the cuttest thing


  My garden hasn't changed too much. iIve been preparing hexies to add to the rows. Here's a little sneak peak. To see how are all the other gardens growing, visit Thearica HERE.

My design wall or should  I say bed?

My hexie sewing box

The top rows are finished


manuela said...

Que fofinho!

Maria said...

Oh Blackie is just gorgeous. Give him a cuddle from me.

Thearica said...

Your puppy is so sweet.

and your GFG quilt is looking awesome!

If you would, please include a link to my blog in your post each Sunday. Thanks so much.

that way, your friends can go over and see the other participants websites.

Melody said...

He is the cutest little puppy ever. Your garden is looking lovely too.

Celia said...

Blackie is sooooo cute !!!! And the flowers are coming along nicely!

hueisei said...

Cute doggie :)
Beautiful garden...

Charlie and Wendy said...

He is a cute puppy and I love your hexie garden, it is looking gorgeous.