Thursday, 14 April 2011

Let's Exchange- Hot Pad received

Today I received my Hot Pad . It was a swap hosted by Cheryll from Gone Stitchin blog. My hot pad came from Austria, it's the first time I've received something from that country. Sabine sent me a wonderful blue hot pad with red flowers. I love it. along with a very nice card she also sent me the cutest little birdie. I just adore it.

Hoje recebi o meu Hot Pad da troca que a Cheryll do blog Gone Stitching organizou. O meu hot pad foi feito pela Sabine que vive na Austria. É a primeira vez que recebo alguma coisa desse país. Juntamente com o hot pad a Sabine enviou-me um belo cartão e o mais encantador passarinho que eu já vi.

Beautiful red flowers

Doesn't it look nice sitting on my sewing machine?

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Cheryll said...

Isn't the hot pad lovely and colourful! I'm so pleased you played along with us..! :)