Saturday 3 September 2016

2 Finished items

As I promised, here are the two pot holders finished and already hanging on my kitchen wall

I've made the hanger out of a wooden spoon, painted and decorated using some decoupage pictures.

The second item is a little make up pouch with some felt decoration

Tuesday 30 August 2016


Slowly  I'm back to my sewing room. This week has been dedicated to my kitchen,

 First a small pot holder using some of my favorite shabby prints.

Them some new handles for my fridge and a couple of hot pads.

 Ok, the hot pads aren't quiet ready yet. I'll post another photo as soon as they're finished

Monday 9 May 2016

Pocket pen holder....holders.

My daughter is a nurse and she needs do carry along some pens and other stuff during her shifts. She asked me if I could make her a pen holder that she could use in her pocket.
After some internet search I made her this one

She liked it so much that she asked if I could do some more... Et voilá

Four pocket pen holders. She said she will use one for each week of the month and then she wants some matching scrub caps too.

Sunday 21 February 2016

Four and a half years later.....It's Finally finished!!!!

It took me a long time to finish this quilt. I'm usually very quick to cut and assemble my quilt tops but then...quilting them in a domestic quilting machine it's so difficult, at least I find it very hard to manage all that fabric under the small arm space. Well, nevertheless I finally finished my " Squares'n squares" quilt and I absolutely love it.

It looks very nice on my bed and it's 80% wool batting makes it very cozy and warm in this cold Winter nights we've had here in Portugal.

The pillow ( which I absolutely adore) was a present I got from a swap. I love it and it has been in my bed ever since I got it some years ago.

I think I have to get back into swapping, I really miss it.



Thursday 21 January 2016

My Mojo is back...I think

I haven't posted for quite a while for  my sewing has been on stand by.
Two years ago I was quilting  a big piece on my domestic sewing machine and I ended up with a severe tendinitis on my right elbow. Since then I have been very afraid to sew or quilt again but last week I decided to overcome my fears and got back to my little sewing corner.

It's a big quilt ( almost king size ) and it's very difficult to move so much fabric under a little space,

I never thought that this design would take such an effort . My arms are really aching after each one

I had only three big squares left to quilt....when my quilting foot broke

Can you believe my frustration!!!!!! 
Today I ran to the nearest quilting store and bought a new ( all metal ) quilting foot and I'm back in business. Next week I hope to have more pictures to show.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Our special alphabet

This is a special alphabet I found somewhere on the net. I think anyone who loves sewing, quilting or stitching will love it.
I surely did.